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Cerber Antivirus 2014

Cerber Total Protection

With external PC attacks rising everyday and accounting for 92% of all data breaches, you need software that will help protect your PC against the estimated 2,000 new threats (unique pieces of viruses, malwares, adwares and spywares) emerging daily. Cerber antivirus is the best weapon handsdown to defend your PC against these impending threats.

Security Center

With our Labs Security Center, you will be alerted to security issues/announcements,security and digital privacy issues, and rogue/fake antivirus softwares. We will also provide you with timely general tips for surfing the Web safely and using email more securely, and give you information on the maintainence and enhancement of the security for Cerber Antivirus.

Customer Support

At Cerber, we believe in supporting you when you need us — even when it is 3 AM. We may be high-tech, but we haven't forgotten about good old-fashioned customer service, You can contact Cerber Customer Support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week even during holidays.

Computer Repair Service

Why take your computer to a shop when we can make life easy for you? Connect to our remote support techicians securely from your location anytime for Virus Removal, PC Tune-Ups, Home Networking, Router Support, and Internet Security Reviews.

other services

Remote Computer Repair Service

Need Remote Computer Repair Service? Available 24/7 For Your Convenience Only $99.99 (per incident)

Get a smooth functioning machine with Cerber Lab’s online computer repair service. Our technical experts will provide online services to repair your computer and its connected devices.
We will analyze and resolve all hardware and software issues.


Remote Virus & Spyware Removal Assistance

Require Remote Virus & Spyware Removal Assistance?Available 24/7 For Your Convenience Only $79.99 (per incident)

Cerber Labs Computer Experts will scan your computer and remove all viruses and spyware to ensure that your computer runs at its optimal speed. We will help you install the latest version
of Cerber Antivirus on your PC for no additional fee.We will also review your firewall and security settings to ensure that your computer is safeguarded against future malicious attacks.


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Protection against all kinds of known and unknown threats
Protect your personal data against identity theft
Protect your communications against online fraud
Protect your networks against hackers and intruders